The Camp rhythmo pillars...

Behind every leader or in our case leaders, a strong team is necessary and Camp Rhythmo is very fortunate to have a strong Board of Directors that, as Kenny Rogers would say, " know when to hold 'em and... know when to walk away"! 

  • michael bodnykCo-Executive Director /Director of Arts
  • Dr. ciarÁn O. Grant, Co-executive director /director of education

some Media coverage of camp Rhythmo...

While we love to tell you about how great we think we are on our blog and on Facebook, it's always nice to have someone else say good things about us!

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Camp rhythmo's fearless leaders...

Michael and Ciarán conceived of and launched Camp Rhythmo with the primary goal of impacting as many kids as possible through music and science, all the while attempting to convince campers that we are the real Batman & Robin! 

A great organization Needs great support...

As a not-for-profit or 501(c)(3) organization we need the generous support of private, public and corporate sponsors.  We appreciate all kinds of donations -- good advice, in-kind support and financial tax-deductible gifts!