Current CR Jr. programming includes, "Dancing Through the Fairy Tales" & "World Explorers".  All CR Jr. curriculum is for 3, 4 & 5yr old's intrigued by the captivating world of stories, fairy tales and world cultures. Our curriculum assists students investigate and interpret through interactive story time, music, yoga/movement and creative arts.

Launched originally as a 4-week pilot-program at the Bloomingdale, New York Public Library, New York City, CR Jr. was introduced as a summer camp in 2016 with great success. CR Jr. has now been expanded to a half-day program and a typical session will include:

  • Interactive story time

  • Sing-a-long music session and learning a song to parallel the story

  • Movement & dance instruction to correspond with a story or culture, allowing for individual interpretation of the story, its characters and/or a cultural tradition

  • A brief, kid-friendly yoga practice to inspire and encourage healthy lifestyle foundation building

  • Visual arts project/craft time to reinforce story line(s), cultivate imagination and assist comprehension for the visual and kinesthetic learners

  • Interactive/hands-on games and activities

These programs are designed for up to 20 toddlers/preschoolers and will be led by three instructors, to include a professional musician, a storyteller/art instructor and certified dance/yoga teacher.

(*Please note, all children must be potty-trained to be eligible to attend)

Camp Rhythmo jr: